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The Velocity Resource Group BUILT the sourcing model for the new economy
and now you can have the ResFlex app in the palm of your hand! Need to
find entry-level, management, or executive level positions? Need a
specific location? Or a specific Industry? Velocity’s Resflex
application delivers a one stop shop recruitment solution to
exponentially lower your time to fill and cost to hire.

Since 2001, we have gathered, tracked, and recorded candidate
information in real time in as little as 24 hours and now we are mobile!
As _THE_ pioneer in overnight resume sourcing, screening and
qualification services, Velocity Resource Group delivers “The Best
Value in the Industry today”.

With our Resflex app you can:

· Review newly sourced resumes that were sourced overnight for your
open job requirements

· Hotlist resumes for phone screening

· Get real-time updates for all your Qualified, Available, and
Interested candidates

· Email, Call or Send a text message to any and all potential

· Use our Geotag feature to compare candidate locations to your
business location

· Order new assignments to be sourced and screened anytime

Velocity: We Source at the Speed of Hired!
Velocity Resource Group, LLC