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Rescu is the fastest, most reliable way to
dispatch emergency services. Get help from fire, police,
or EMTs in ONLY two taps–-no talking required.

Rescu Prime's alert system is powered with GPS for quick medical help or
safety assistance anywhere.

9-1-1 isn’t always as fast as you’d expect. And based on your needs or location, you might be rerouted or placed in a waiting queue.
Rescu connects you directly to police, medical, or fire dispatch, so you can get the help you or family needs as fast as possible. Rescu also automatically messages your emergency contacts, keeping everyone aware and able to respond appropriately. Rescu
Rescu is the easiest way to save a life:
Set up your account
• You can store up to four addresses for faster responses, especially if you have multiple properties.
• Add an unlimited number of personal contacts to be notified in case of emergency.
• Explain any pre-existing conditions or medical needs
Get help in two taps
• Select the service you need and destination address
• Connect directly with Rescu’s 24/7 UL-Certified Monitoring Center
• Speak with dispatch or respond via in-app messaging, if needed
• Alert your emergency contacts automatically
Take control of you and your family’s safety
• Send emergency responders to your home or business to check on an alarm, from anywhere in the world.
• Silently send for police when your camera detects an intruder.
Be prepared for a family member’s health emergency
• Request medical services for a loved one at the first sign of a health emergency—from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the U.S.
• Quickly send for help when suffering from a stroke or other vocal impairment—without saying a word.
• Send an ambulance, police, or fire to any of four pre-saved addresses.
More security. More savings
• Get the security and peace of mind of a fully monitored security system, at a fraction of the cost.
• Connects you to a UL-Certified Dispatch Center, giving you potential savings on your home insurance.
• Avoid bills for costly false alarms from police when your alarm is activated.
• Rescu Prime offers a GPS feature for dispatch to locate your exact location at the most critical time so you can get a quick response anywhere you encounter an emergency.
Rescu offers two subscription options to ensure you’re always prepared and have peace of mind.
Rescu is available on a standard plan for $7 per month or get annual savings with an annual subscription for just $59 per year.
Rescu Prime, which includes GPS-based dispatch for the fastest emergency response wherever you are, is only $10 per month. Save when you pay ahead on an annual subscription to Rescu Prime for just $99 per year.

Rescu subscriptions auto renew either yearly or monthly, depending upon the subscription option selected.
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