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Resco Inspections

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Resco Inspections

The Resco Inspections app enables you to receive work orders and inspection questionnaires instantly. Navigate to the destination with the built-in route planning. Run and complete inspections on any device, even offline. Afterwards, review and send inspection reports to the back office or customers, and see your performance overview.

For the staff in the field, the Resco Inspections app streamlines the entire inspection process and enables to get issues resolved faster.

Main features:
• Easy deployment of work orders and inspection questionnaires
• Interactive map view and route planning
• Streamlined, logic-driven inspection questionnaires
• Calendar, Activities, Accounts, Contacts and other record types
• Photo capturing and editing
• Digital signatures
• Barcode & QR code scanner
• Generate and share inspection reports
• Clear-cut performance overview
• Full online and offline functionality
• Entirely customizable via the Woodford configurator
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