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Reps For Jesus

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Reps For Jesus

Science has proven that the sound of a shotgun ringing in your ear while repping out bicep curls increases gains by 24%. Some crazy NASA stuff. My bro told me, so it's gotta be true.

When you're in the gym and going beast on some dumbbells, sometimes you can't keep track of your reps. I know I can't. I get lost as soon as I break into the teens. But what're you doing going that high anyway? Do more weight. That's why you need a bro at the gym with you. Count your reps, give you advice - basic bro code stuff here.

That's what I'm here for. Strap me on your wrist, or I don't know, tie your phone to your arm. I know you don't have one of those sissy arm bands. What do I care? Just get in the there and start doing reps. And I'll be there to count them for you. With my shotgun. I got your back bro.