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Repetition Workout Counter

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Repetition Workout Counter

Repetition Workout Counter makes it easy to keep track of your rep counts, whether working out at home, in the gym, or anywhere. Tap the screen to increase your Count...

On the Apple Watch:
• Tap to add to the Count. Each time you tap, the Count increases on your wrist and on the device - everything is in-sync.
• Start, Stop, and Reset the timer - your wrist is your control panel
• Take a quick Glance at your Apple Watch for updates on your progress.

On the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch:
• Each time you tap the screen, the rep count is increased by the number of fingers you used to tap (one finger = +1, two fingers = +2, three fingers = +3, and so on).
• Taps on the device automatically sync to your Apple Watch
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