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Repeat Timer

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Repeat Timer

A simple yet powerful repeating timer to help you work and relax.

Easily configure the timer with:
- duration - how long the timer will run for each repeat
- repeat count - how many times the timer will repeat

Then, you can leave the app open to see the timer countdown, or close the app and you will receive a notification for each repetition.

- Home screen widgets
- Quick entry with common timer options
- Notifications so you can continue with other tasks
- Apple Watch® companion app with dynamic complication support

Perfect for:
- Cooking when you need to turn something every x minutes
- Gym workouts on the circuit or HIIT
- Reminders to stand and stretch at work
- Reminders to drink water
- Focus on work or study with planned breaks
- Repetitive tasks like watering plants for a set time each
- Reminders to look away from the computer screen at work
Ricardo Santos