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Rep Reserve

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Rep Reserve

Calculate your one-rep max and regulate your training with RPE!

RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) is a scale used in weight training to measure the difficulty of a set. It can be used to auto-regulate training as well as calculate a one-rep max (1RM).

Many lifting programs are designed around your 1RM, target rep ranges, and RPE / reps in reserve.

Rep Reserve makes it easy for you to calculate all of the above based on your previous lifts and plan for your next set by seeing what you could lift under different circumstances.

* Calculate your one-rep max (1RM)
* First class support for RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and reps in reserve.
* Break down your 1RM in to weight ranges for target reps / RPE
* Break down your 1RM in to percentages.
* Supports dark mode
* Stylish and simple!
Stefan Gilligan