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Remote selfie camera trigger

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Remote selfie camera trigger

Trigger your iPhone's camera or another iPhone's camera with your Apple Watch!
Use your iPhone/iPad as a remote trigger for an another iPhone/iPad's camera.

Taking group photos or selfies can not be easier.

*** Instructions:

1. Start up the app on the first device. Choose the camera tab. This device will act as a camera
2. On the second device, start the app and choose the trigger tab. This device will act as
a trigger.
3. On the second device: Click on the "red camera button". A list of connectable devices will be shown. Choose a camera device to connect with.
4. On the first device: Click on accept when asked for connection.
5. Now you can take a picture by tapping on the "green trigger button" on the second device. On the first device, a count down will be started and after the picture is taken, it will be transmitted to the second device wirelessly.

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Binh An Tran