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Remote Joke

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Remote Joke

Make jokes to your friends and family with Remote Joke and your Apple Watch!

You just have to hide you iPhone and choose the sound from your Apple Watch!
Many possible jokes!

-Is it dark? A big fright it does no harm! Leave the iPhone in one room and reproduce the diabolic or ghost laugh, They will die of fear!

-The fly! ¡Tzzzzzzzzssssssss! Where the hell is the fly?

-Simulate a call

-Leave the Iphone in the hall, someone is knocking at the door!

-Hide your iPhone in the living room and make your parents look for a cricket!

-Leave the Iphone in the Bathroom, someone have left the shower running!!!!

-Smoke detector it´s on! Get out of the house, something is burning!



You just need your iPhone, your Apple Watch and your imagination, you will laugh yourself to death!
Raul Covarrubias Jimenez