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Remote for presentation and keynote

by CoRo
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Remote for presentation and keynote

by CoRo
** More than 4000 users ** and growing**Ranked top hundred productivity apps
Remote for powerpoint presentation and keynote for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and now also available for your Apple Watch. New apple smart watch app is a must have remote app for powerpoint presentation and keynote.

iRemote - WiFi remote is the coolest and simplest app for powerpoint presentation and keynote for the people who believe to deliver their presentation, speech the best way. User can install remote app on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, apple watch and use it as remote, a wifi remote.

App works as a remote and iRemote user can change slides just by swiping on screen, which gives an amazing experience and it's super simple. The special feature of remote keynote, powerpoint presentation is that it is a multiuser app, that means more than one person can use it simultaneously access slides of their ppt - powerpoint presentation, keynote. After any user finishes he/she can log out remote presentation app and other user can continue the same powerpoint presentation, keynote using remote.

WiFi remote supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora for running its server app which is free for our presentation users. On any desktop or laptop computer system remote app will work perfectly. Remote has extremely small app size, so it occupies very less memory. Even remote smart watch app comes with small size.

Remote is a multiuser app - unique feature and a smart way to give powerpoint presentation, keynote in groups. As many users can join the on going presentation just by connecting via wifi by connecting their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, apple watch. Also can quit after they finish their speech of their respective slides in powerpoint presentation, keynote.

Apple watch app, watch remote for presentation, keynote remote is newly available on app store and it's super easy to use. Users now can deliver presentation using remote apple watch app keynote, powerpoint presentation.

"Key Features" of remote for presentation, keynote :

* iRemote has "EXTREMELY SMALL SIZE" - Probably the smallest app in size in this category in the world and extremely helpful app with smart watch app.

* iRemote is "MULTIUSER" - There's "no such app ever created with unique feature of multiuser". That means even hundred people can be a part of a single powerpoint presentation, keynote and access slides from their devices - just like each person having one remote for same keynote, presentation.

* iRemote is "MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORTED" - It doesn't matter if you are a Mac user, Windows user or Linux user and also doesn't matter if you use Microsoft Powerpoint or Mac Keynote or Open Office for your presentation. You can run our server app i.e. remote server app on "any machine" and can use any presentation tool.

* iRemote is "SUPER FAST AND ACCURATE" - Our synch program is too much accurate and powerful that slides changes with magical speed with remote. Watch remote app is much better for apple watch users.

* iRemote supports "SIX LANGUAGES" - We believe people love to use apps in their own native language. To give remote users wonderful experience, we've made it in six languages including German, French, Dutch, Polish and Spanish.

* iRemote provides "SUPPORT" - We always love to hear from our users. So, drop us an email and we will respond to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problem. You can reach out us via contact us on our website.

* Apple Watch remote keynote, presentation app is new way to deliver your powerpoint presentations, keynote.

Get iRemote server from the website link given below in the iTunes store (or go to link :

Remote presentation, keynote is app for the people who believe to give their speech, powerpoint presentation, keynote or lecture the best way. So, presentees get it now for iPhone, iPad, iPod and especially apple watch remote.