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Rem is the most accurate sleep tracker app on Apple Watch that uses AI and machine learning to determine sleep phases and disruptions during the sleep and provides insightful and easy to understand reports.

Easy to Use:
Just wear your Apple Watch to bed.

Sleep Pattern:
A simple diagram shows your bedtime and wake time includes sleep cycle phases (deep and light) and disruptions during your sleep sessions.

Sleep Score:
A score reflects and summarize your sleep just in a number. It’s great to have an overview to your sleep.
The Sleep Score breakdown shows what metrics calculated this score; like Time Asleep, Sleep Depth, Heart Rate and Dip, Regularity and Disruptions.

Heart Rate diagram:
A detailed diagram to check heart rate during the sleep.

Regularity / Sleep Consistency:
Compare bedtime and wake time in last 7 days and shows the routine sleep time.

To have a quick snapshot from your progress, we compare the last weeks with the current week in key metrics like average heart rate during the sleep, time asleep and depth of sleep.

It detects your naps during the day and considers in your sleep score. The nap time should be at least one hour.

Smart Alarm:
Wake up gently and refreshed. Set the alarm just before sleep, by considering your sleep phases, smart alarm starts to wake you in time.

Integrated with Health app:
Rem is integrated with Health app and syncs sleep data automatically.

Battery Usage:
Don’t worry about draining your battery because it’s low battery usage, even less than your usual usage of Watch.
Charge your watch during the day or before sleep. Make sure it has at least %30 charge.

Terms and Privacy Policy:
Zohreh Azimi