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Unlock the secrets of a good night's sleep with Rem, the smart autosleep tracker. With its advanced AI-Machine Learning technology, Rem provides an in-depth analysis of your sleep patterns and helps you understand the impact of your habits and routines on your sleep quality. Get ready to say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sweet dreams with Rem.

= Key Features =
— Completely Automatic and Easy to use
— Sleep Pattern Diagram (Rem stage included)
— Snore Detection
— Sleep Score
— Score Breakdown
— Heart Rate Analysis (Dip and Detail Diagram)
— Sleep Regularity
— Time to Sleep
— Trends
— Nap Detection
— Sleep History
— Sleep Assessment
— Smart Alarm Clock
— Low Battery Usage
— Compatible with All Available Apple Watch Versions

• All you need to do is wear your Apple Watch to bed.
• An iwatch sleep tracker, facilitates the AI-Machine Learning algorithm to analyze sleep cycle.
• Moving more or less than others, Rem adjusts automatically to your personal data
• We ignore sleep sessions that are less than 1 hour.

To enable snore detection:
1. Connect your iPhone to a power source
2. Tap the "Start Tracking" button
3. Optionally, set a gentle alarm to wake you up.

Just wear your Apple watch before bedtime and check your sleep log after you wake up. Your shut eye report is displayed in a clear and understandable way.

Understand your sleep cycles with simple graphs. Discover how to get the restful and restorative sleep you deserve! You can find out the exact times you’ve been disrupted, as well as easily learn the total amount of deep, light, and REM phases.

— SNORE Detection —
You can identify if snoring is affecting your sleep quality and take necessary actions to improve it. Rem is also equipped with environment sound detection, so you can monitor the ambient noise levels and make adjustments for a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Your Sleep Score is displayed clearly with a number 0-100 which is an accurate interpretation of your rest quality.

REM App highlights the most relevant data of your sleep:
• Time Asleep
• Sleep Details » The total minutes of your deep and REM phases, the most restorative phase of your sleep
• Heart Rate » Your heart rate analysis is key for measuring your shut eye quality. You can view your sleeping heart rate graph, your average sleeping heart rate, and the dip percentage of your heart rate during sleep
• Disruption
• Regularity » REM app records your sleep rhythm automatically and will demonstrate your sleep consistency in a user-friendly diagram.
• Time To Sleep
• Respiratory Rate » The number of times you breathe in a minute during sleep
• Blood Oxygen » The level of blood oxygen during sleep

Follow the impact of your routines on your sleep quality with help of trend diagrams.

Monitor your previous sleep diagrams and compare them to your latest data.

REM is an auto nap tracker and will show the nap sessions in a separate field.

Learn more about healthy sleep practices by taking the assessment and set yourself up for better sleep.

Wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Our smart alarm clock gently eases you out of deep sleep. To use this feature, watchOS 6 or higher is required.

Don’t worry about draining your battery because it’s low battery usage, even less than your usual usage of Watch.
Charge your watch during the day or before sleep. Make sure it has at least a %30 charge.

Rem is for anybody who struggles with insomnia or sleep apnea. With the power of its sleep tracking algorithm, you can find accurate and valuable insight about your sleep. Set the smart alarm before bed time and rise refreshed and on-time. It’s a simple-to-use sleep recorder, no need to put it under your pillow.

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