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RELEXA measures your stress level and provides sleep or relaxation videos and meditations tailored to your needs and stress level.

Our intelligent sleep management technology helps you fall asleep easily and
Our intelligent stress management technology helps you relax instantly.

RELEXA measures your biomarkers and stress level, and provides relaxation or meditation videos and exercises tailored to your individual needs and stress level.
Powered by AI, RELEXA can learn which videos, meditations or exercises relax you the most, motivate you the most, or help you fall asleep within minutes.

RELEXA measures your physical and mental health in less than one minute.

The ability to recognize stress in time, to relax, and to sleep well are proven to prolong life.

RELEXA syncs with your Apple Watch to measure stress levels (and other important health data).

RELEXA provides real-time biofeedback to you about physiological factors such as heart rate variability, energy status and recovery rate. Based on the biofeedback, the app then recommends optimal video meditations, tailored to your needs and stress level.

RELEXA is the world's first app using a revolutionary intelligent sleep management technology helping you fall asleep easily and fast.

RELEXA is the world's first intelligent meditation and sleep app with real-time bio-feedback and recommendations according to the user's current needs and desires.

World First! RELEXA is the only app worldwide providing meditations according to the your stress level. Our stress-measuring app recommends meditations according to your state of mind and gently leads you into a state of increasing relaxation based on real-time biofeedback.

We have improved the science of meditation using new innovative meditation technology for shorter and more effective sessions. We call it Multi-Sensory meditations. They are based on the latest research in modern psychology and neuroscience and use the brain’s innate ability to change and grow (neuroplasticity). All of our meditations are video meditations, carefully crafted by scientists, meditation experts, psychologists, yoga and positive coaching experts.

Our scientifically based mindfulness meditations are specially created for modern, stressed people all over the world who have less time but want to get the most out of each and every moment.


RELEXA measures your stress level, and gradually guides you into a calmer state when you want to sleep or relieve stress. The RELEXA app reacts to current changes in the user's stress level and helps you to relax. If you want to get energized and motivated, we use the same technology aimed towards the desired effect.

The same technology works for sleep or when you need an energy boost.


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Our programs and sessions include:

MINDFULNESS RELAXATION for a calmer, happier and healthier lifestyle.
* Daily motivation
* Gratitude
* Motivation and meditation app
* Inner balance
* Harmony
* Create new habit app

* Sleep sounds
* Sleep booster
* Bedtime stories
* Sleep stories
* Sleep meditation
* Fall asleep
* Sleeping well
* Relaxing sounds
* Sleep easy

* Anti-stress
* Stress relief
* Anxiety reliever
* Breathe
* One-moment meditation
* Meditation for anxiety
* Nap app
* Mindful eating
* Healthy eating
* Weight loss
* Sexuality
* Tantra
* Breathe to relax
* Kundalini

We’ve developed tools to help you focus, take a break, stay calm, relax and create inner balance in your life.

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