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「RelaxMe」, A product that focuses on white noise decompression and is completely FREE , helps you relax and calm down in one minute and enter a state of efficient learning and keep focus.

If you are suffering from insomnia due to stress in your life or workplace, try using 「RelaxMe」to get relax & sleep, it will help you relax! If you like Buddha sounds or want to learn the wisdom of Buddha, 「RelaxMe」is the best choice! If you want to mix your favorite sounds, 「RelaxMe」can do for you!

Download 「RelaxMe」now, and you will enter the infinite world of sound, relax yourself, let yourself be in a relaxed natural atmosphere, listen to light music and experience the immersive feeling.

【Special Function】

「RelaxMe」 provides you with a variety of popular and effective sounds and music that help sleep better and relax stress, including:
- Nature sounds: heavy rain, thunderstorm, summer rain, forest rain, thunder, city rain and other thunderstorms, slow flow, desert wind, cuckoo, seagull and other bird songs
- Top light music: piano, violin, guzheng, pipa, etc.
- Brain waves: pure alpha waves, pure θ waves, pure δ waves, etc.
- Warm and pure home sounds: the sound of fire, the wind, the sound of the clock

「RelaxMe」provides "Mix Audio" tool
- Choose your favorite music for Mix
- Customize the volume of each sound and blend it to create your own exclusive music

「RelaxMe」 provides you with Buddhist music and guide you to experience the "Zen" moment!
- Selected high-quality Buddhist music, including Manjushri, Buddha, Lotus, Maitreya, Surangama, etc.
- Quietly listen to Buddhist music, have compassion, get health from it, feel better, relax, follow your heart
- Listen and calm down, Buddha's wisdom will inspire you and let you find your true self

Meditation focus
- Custom Duration: Create a dedicated timer for different scenes
- Custom meditation background
- The sound of the Tibetan bell bowl at the end helps you return to the world, ending meditation

More highlights
- Support for Apple Watch; compatible with iPad
- Extremely simple interface design: less is more design aesthetics
- Support playback order customization

【Who need this】

- People who are physically and mentally anxious and noisy and need to concentrate and meditate
- People who need sleep with temporary or long-term insomnia
- People who suffer from insomnia and anxiety caused by stress in life or the workplace, need to relax and decompress
- People who like Buddha sounds and need to listen to their hearts
- A programmer who needs an instant meditation in a noisy environment
- People who are willing to try to improve sleep problems and improve their quality of life
- Love crying baby

【Users Review】

- This app contains lots of calm down music,i follow this app and sit down a good place. with the voice whisper around me I am truely relaxed. The amazing feature is Mix Audio, I can put my favorite audio mix by myself! Thanks developer I am motivated!!
- I have always had trouble to sleep, and i have tried lots of app to calm down, some of them are good but charge is really not cheap. But this app is really phenomenal and is definitely worth a try for anyone wanting to relax, and totally free. It worth to have it. Bravo People!!!
- Wonderful free and easy to use!!
- It designed simplification and contains thousands of audios.i love it and it TOTALLY FREE, no SB, no ADS!!!

May 『RelaxMe』 help you have a happier, healthier and more peaceful life! !

Every one of your suggestions and feedback will make 『RelaxMe』 better, and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this app, please contact us at :)
Marriage Secretary (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd.