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Relax Meditation

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Relax Meditation

SHARE Software is proud to introduce its new app specialized in relax and meditation.
Join the hundred experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music
Quiet your mind, improve your awareness, your mood and overall health by learning how to experience every moment to its fullest and find the happiness that's been waiting for you. Make us part of your everyday life, and experience incredible positive changes.

*App will help you:

+ Sleep Better
+ Improve your productivity
+ Find smiles everywhere you go
+ Increase your focus and awareness at work and study
+ Know yourself at a deeper level
+ Improve your Relationships


- New content everyday!
- With only 10 minutes a day, learn and practice meditation with a program carefully designed for everyone.
- Mix and match over 50 free sounds and create your own custom melody to accompany your meditation practices.
- Brainwave frequencies: Enhance your experience and achieve faster results.
- Bedtime Reminder: Remind yourself when it’s time to sleep.
- No subscription.
- No advertisement.
Send us your feedback and tell us about the topics you wish to see in future updates. Our mindfulness community is important to us.
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Happiness at your fingertips!