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A simple, elegant but robust Apple Watch utility to time and record games as a referee.

Supports: Football/Soccer, Rugby (Union & League), Field Hockey, American Football, Aussie Rules

Keep it minimalist and straightforward, or indulge in turning your Apple Watch into a feature-rich match tracking and recording device!

++ Timer ++
The most important aspect, the timer, is centre stage and comes equipped with a capability to record time to be added one with just a tap. Displayed also is the total time remaining of the period. Finally, also an option in the menu to indefinitely pause the game, for instance during severe weather.

++ Adjustable Match Settings ++
Choose whether extra time or penalties are to be played and change the length of halves or quarters, breaks and other periods to suit anything from that under 14s game to senior knockout competitions.

++ Record Match Events ++
Record goal scorers, cards and substitutes with the use of a keypad. Get reminded of second yellow cards, and a list of all events throughout the game, even cards for coaches!

++ Customisable Teams ++
Set team names AND COLOURS to give an easy, understandable glance at the watch face.

++ Monitor Fitness Activity ++
This app can utilise the watch sensors to monitor heart rate, distance tracked and active energy burned, give an at-a-glance update, and can provide a basic graph of these once the match is finished and saved. With a more recent Apple Watch (ideally Series 3 or 4), a route map is saved onto your iPhone's Health App which can be used for positioning analysis.

++ Sin-Bins ++
Keep time of sin-bins in rugby and green/yellow cards in hockey!
Also, recent law changes in football introduce the potential for 'sin-bin' style temporary dismissals throughout many leagues, mainly for dissent (System B). Be notified when they may come back on, and who cannot return (but can be replaced).

++ Card Codes ++
Optionally, record the misconduct code for the FAs in England, Scotland, Australia, USA and New Zealand, or input your own.

++ Kick-Off Reminders ++
Set KO team and direction at the start of the game (and start of ET) to be reminded who kicks-off after HT.

++ Save To Watch Memory ++
Four matches can be saved to the watch only, to be recalled at a later time, allowing multiple games over a day to be recorded.

- Please feel free to let me know of any issues or errors that crop up or a feature you'd love to have included soon!
Matthew Hayward