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RefTime provides two features relevant to soccer (Fußball) referees:

1) Game Timer is a count up timer, set game length through touch or the crown. RefTime calculates half length. RefTime ignores stoppage time in displaying start of second half. E.g. A 90 minute game with 3 minutes 1st half stoppage, 2nd half starts at 45:00

2) Interval training timer for run training. Designed with the fitness test in mind. Provides for Run/Walk(jog) intervals. Allows for 2 segments with maximum time of 10 minutes each and a maximum of 40 intervals.
-> Runs in foreground
-> Allow RefTime to have access to Health
-> Use force touch to prematurely end a game or workout
-> Stoppage time has a haptic reminder once a minute
-> Training segments have 2 countdown haptic except for short segments
-> Easy to use, try it first before your first game
Monkey Corridor, LLC