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Timer designed for specifically. Capabilities:
- Keep game time with single button Start/Stop
- Adjust time per quarter
- Keep up with Home/Visitor Timeouts
- Reset timer per QTR or per Game
- Record penalties. This is a great feature! An audio clip will be saved to your iPhone. If you are keeping time, your penalties will automatically be tagged to game time.
- Will notify you when time gets close to 2:00 and 1:00. Will notify when game is over.

Limitations as of the current Apple Watch software:
- Notifications and alarms are not able to be controlled as much as I like yet. This improvement will come when access to notifications improves.
- Would like to vibrate when starting/stopping, but cannot control vibrations through the watch kit yet

PLEASE use this as much as possible before the season so I can repair any possible bugs. Note that this is version 1 along with the 1st version of the Apple WatchKit, so I'm sure improvements will come.
Jonah Monroe