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Reebok Fitness Equipment

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Reebok Fitness Equipment

Reebok Fitness App
Track, plan and analyse your training with the Reebok Fitness app.
Whether you’re a fitness novice or seasoned pro, the app allows you to tailor, track and breakdown your workouts to get the most from your regime. Compatible with select Reebok Treadmills, Bikes and Cross Trainers; the app accurately monitors your progress to keep you motivated and on track.
How it Works
- Selected Reebok Treadmills, Bikes and Cross Trainers connect with the app via Bluetooth; allowing you to monitor your training without the need for GPS or internet connectivity.

Track and Monitor
- Record key stats such as speed, distance, time, cadence, watts and calories burned for live feedback and post-workout analysis.

Analyse Workouts and View Progress
- Keep tabs on your training and analyse the stats to improve performance and highlight your progress.
- Monitor weekly calorie burn and workout duration to stay on track and reach your fitness targets.
- Gain in-depth insights by tracking your data and reviewing previous workouts.

Customise Your Session
- Create unlimited custom training sessions for variety within your regime.
- Capable of monitoring both steady state and interval training you’re free to tailor your workouts to suit your goals.

Stay Connected
- Share your training successes instantly via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
- Compare results and stats with friends online to stay motivated and up-to-date.

Integrated with Apple Watch.
WIth application on Apple Watch, you may have Apple Watch as your Heart Rate Monitor and view workout data while running app at background, the app will use HealthKit for fetching your Heart-Rate recording from Apple watch.