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The REDO app is meant for all the students of Revius Lyceum Doorn! With this app you can easily check your timetable, see your most recent notes, extend your borrowed library books and so much more!

But what exactly can you do with this app? Here's a short summary:
• Timetable
Quickly check your timetable by pressing the next lesson in the main screen of the app. Or if you just want to see what your next lesson is, you can see that immediately in the main screen or in the useful 'Today'-widget in your notification center.
65 or 50 minutes schedule? No problem, we got you covered!

It is smart to keep the WebUntis app on your phone, if this app fails. We tested the app throughly but we aren't perfect so isn't the app ;) This app is no excuse to be late!

• Notifications
Get notifications when you have a cancelled lesson, a classroom or teacher change. You get a notification if the lesson gets cancelled the same day or the day before (but you won't get a message if you can already see the cancelled lesson in the app!). Never be too early anymore when you got the first lesson off!
It could be that this feature doesn't work 100%. So come back often to check your timetable and see if you have cancelled lessons! We'll keep improving this :)

• Notes
Quickly see your most recent notes from SOMtoday! Unfortunately the annoying rapport-notes are still visible in the app... We're working on it!

• Library (Mediatheek)
You can now also lend books of our school library with this app. Simply shake your phone in the main screen and your personal barcode pops up! (On iPad, you'll first have to enable this feature in the settings)
By pressing the book icon in the top left, you can see what books you have at home, when you have to bring them back and how much (remaining) fee you have. Do you need the book for a little longer? Simply push the 'extend' button and you're good to go :)

• Schoolpaper (Formally 'REDO-Nieuws')
With this app you get to know our school a lot better. News, interviews and more and all written by students of the Revius Lyceum Doorn!
Unfortunately for english people, these articles are only written in Dutch...

Do you have questions or suggestions?
Send a mail to [email protected]
Matthijs Logemann