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Recovery Timer

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Recovery Timer

Get stronger faster using your heart rate. Recovery Timer helps you do workouts - weight lifting, HIIT, running - where you do sets. Perform your workout set as usual, and Recovery Timer uses your heart rate to figure how long your rest period should be.

You can specify your:
* Workout type (Strength or weight training, HIIT, indoor run, outdoor run, other)
* Typical resting time
* Recovered heart rate
* When to transition - this can be just heart-rate based, time-based, or both

If you lift weights alone or train with a workout trainer, this app will help you maximize your workout and strength gains.

If you run, this app will help you increase your speed when doing HIIT or fartlek interval training.

Workout data synchronizes with the Health app, so you can then see your Activity results and close those rings!

For your best workout, remember: It’s not rest - it’s recovery.
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