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Reciprocity Timer

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Reciprocity Timer

Manage your film photography from start to finish! One app does it all - notes, filters, exposure calculations, custom films, zone system editor, film holder management as well as reciprocity math!
A comprehensive film reciprocity calculator for photographers. Select a film type and metered exposure time - the calculator will provide a reciprocity compensated exposure time. The app includes an exposure timer so you can time your long exposures. You can also use a slider to adjust exposure when you have filters attached.
The app supports a wide range of film stocks and allows the user to add various common exposure filters such as NDs and Polarizers.
Keep detailed notes and share them. Share your adjusted exposure times with colleagues.
This app makes film photography a breeze.

The app includes in-app purchase to unlock pro features including a note-keeping feature, the ability to add custom films and the ability to select often used film stock as favorites.

You may need to setup Reciprocity Timer in Settings -> Notification Center to ensure the app's timer can notify you when exposures are ending and your device is asleep.

Watch companion app now included. To install the app use the Apple Watch App on your phone. Ensure your watch and phone are paired an unlocked and scroll down the list of available apps to Reciprocity Timer. Select Install. You can also turn on "Automatically Install Apps".
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