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Recipes by Epicfox

by Epicfox
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Recipes by Epicfox

by Epicfox
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Recipes is a simple app for storing your own recipes and sharing them using iCloud. There is no need to create an account in this app because it uses your iCloud account, allowing you to sync your recipes across all your devices and share them with friends.

Recipes supports the Apple Watch because sometimes the hardest part about using a cooking app is pulling your phone out of your pocket. With Recipes, you can just glance at your Apple Watch to see your next step.

* Create Recipes that sync across all of your devices via iCloud.
* Create Cookbooks and add your Recipes to them, then share your Cookbooks with friends via iCloud. Think of Cookbooks as iCloud PhotoStreams, but for recipes instead of photos.
* Create shared Meal Schedules to plan your meals with your family and friends.
* Add reminders to your scheduled meals so you don't forget to defrost the turkey, or soak the beans overnight, or even just to start cooking.
* Add timers to stay on top of your cooking.
* Use the Now Cooking section to get to current meals quickly.
* Use your Apple Watch to view your next step and check on timers and reminders.
* Import recipes from the web. Just tap the share action button in Safari and choose "Save Recipe" (If you don't see "Save Recipe", you can enable it by first tapping "More..."). Our recipe import supports many popular sites like,, and more, and we are continuing to add support for more sites.