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Reaumur is a open source temperature logger/controller that runs on Particle devices

• Log and monitor the temperature and humidity levels of multiple rooms/containers
• Control temperatures using relay switches with detailed temperature range settings
• Heating and cooling cycles are logged for a detailed history of use
• View charts of temperature and humidity levels in the app
• All data is logged to InfluxDB for charting in Grafana and other platforms
• Connect to Slack for notifications of devices going offline and temperatures going out of range
• Connect multiple devices to manage temperatures over multiple rooms, buildings, and locations
• Free and open source server with web interface for managing temperatures on your desktop

The free and open source Reaumur Server must be installed and setup before using this app. A device and account is required to be setup for collecting and controlling temperatures.

For directions on setting up your Reaumur Server visit: or
BluDesign, LLC