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Residential real estate business is the 4th most dangerous occupation in the U.S. Agents are easy prey for assailants looking to rob or attack. Think about it: you meet a strange client and enter into unoccupied homes or apartments with them. How can you know that you are safe with them? What can you do to be safer?
There are appx. 75 real estate work related fatalities each year and about 34,500 realtors assaulted while doing their jobs showing real estate!

We are here to help keep you safer. We are the best mobile security app in the world designed specifically to help you stay safe. For pennies a day, you can meet new clients and show them real estate with a confidence you have never felt before.

RealSafe also is a great accompaniment for those agents who hold open houses.
RealSafe also has a great CRM system to help you save time and make more money in real estate. If you practice real estate, there is no good reason to not use RealSafe daily.
Be smart. Be safe, Download Realsafe now.
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