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Real Simple List Phone and Watch

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Real Simple List Phone and Watch

Do you seem to spend more time trying to learning the tricks of the App instead of getting your iPhone to do something for you?

"Real Simple List Phone and Watch" is the answer to your plight. No learning complex gestures. No hidden menus you have to find. You have one interface for up to three separate lists. It works on your iPhone 5 (and above) with your Apple Watch to keep you organized.

Suggested use for your three lists:
List one for your standard to-do activities.
List two for your life goals.
List three for your grocery list. Keeping the grocery list on your iPhone means all you need to do is tap the food item that you need, no need to type it in each time you are going to the store.

To keep it real simple just use just one list. You do not have to use the other two lists. Or use one for your partner, one for you.

On your iPhone (5 or higher), you can add items to your list with the add button (+). Mark items as complete by tapping the item. Tap the item again if you change your mind. The menu button allows you to move items up and down the list and to assign to a different list.

Easily move items from one list to another and move items up and down your list. Just tap the menu button on the upper right side to access all functions, including a help button.

Great combination of Easy-to-Use with flexibility for your iPhone.

This app is based on the Best Seller productivity book: "Stop Procrastination: Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness" - not a short title but an easy read. In eBook form it can be found anywhere. I believe a printed version can be found at Amazon.

Just because you want to organize does not mean you should make it more complicated. Get "Real Simple List" to help organize your life while keeping it simple.

Items that are not checked off are list on your Apple Watch. You can view and mark as complete items on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Figures:
Figure 1: 5 things on List 1 that have not been marked as complete.
Figure 2: Tapping on an item allows you to mark it as complete.
Figure 3: List after marking an item as complete.
Figure 4: Press Menu allows you to refresh your list.
Figure 5: Watch display when there are no completed items on List 1.

Requirements: iPhone 5, Apple Watch (you should have one) and a want to organize your life are required to take full advantage of this App.
Jeff Lefavi