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ReadySignOn makes it easy for users to sign in to websites and applications without having to deal with the clunky passwords.  It delivers superior security and privacy protection by limiting user input during the user registration and login process to a bare minimum, transforming cumbersome steps into experiences that are both snappy and foolproof.

The app's innovative use of cryptographic user identifiers is an effective approach to combat common authentication hacks and the ever worsening privacy abuses. It completely eliminates the traditional use of username and passwords and replace them with public-key digital signature based authentication and privacy protection schemes which are drastically more secure than passwords.

= Highlights =

-A secure vault that is ALWAYS holistically encrypted using AES256. This means ALL metadata including tags, icons, images and record management info are also encrypted in the same way as your sensitive records to ensure no leakage of information of any kind.
-Supports password AutoFill in both browsers and apps.
-Compatible with the award winning open-source KeePass desktop password manager (via our free open-source plug-in).
-Use ReadyTicket to expedite and approve login requests submitted from any online devices.
-Always demands explicit user consent before any information can be extracted from this app. There is no automatic data sync or stealth backup to the cloud without explicit acknowledgement from the user. The vault is fully functional even without a network connectivity. Internet access is only needed for approving remote authentication requests.
-Takes full advantage of the security measures offered by the platform such as the keychain, hardware backed data protection and sensors for device ownership verification.
-Supports time and location based auto locks of the vault.
-Offers a specifically designed full-screen keyboard for easy and secure entering of long passphrases.
-Various security levels and mode settings for users who need to balance between productivity and security.
-The app comes with templates for 70+ popular websites and 1,000 more through downloadable packages. It also allows users to create and share new templates without limit.
-The app was built and tested with a robust data engine that is capable of handling thousands of record with highly reliable performance and data integrity.
-The reserved vault feature affords information workers a unique level of security from plausible deniability.
-The UI of the app has been natively optimized for both iPhone and iPads with split-view support.
-The app provides filters, indexers and deep search capabilities that are especially valuable to enterprise users who often have the need to quickly locate records within a very large set.
-Automatically generates passwords of a given length and composition complexity.
-Custom password inspector with absolute clarity to help users avoid account lockouts caused by misreadings.
-A companion watchOS app further simplifies the login experience to a single tap on the wrist.
-URL based inter-app communication scheme for seamless local app login authentication.
-Supports readyPay express checkout and expediated secure mobile payment from any connected device.
= Security Highlights =
-Holistic encryption of vaults and all metadata using AES256. (layer-1)
-Direct bitwise on sensitive fields with high entropy keys. (layer-2)
-Exported records are encrypted using AES with 1,000, 000 PBKDF2 key derivation count to guard against aggressive and potent offline attacks.
-Transparent disk encryption and instantaneous remote wipe for at-rest data protection. (layer-3)
-Biometric authentication for device ownership verification. (layer-4)
-Custom full-screen keyboard for entering long brain passphrases securely and efficiently.
-Static user cryptographic identifiers based on RSA2048.
-Dynamic user identifiers and RP session authentication based on ECC384 and ECDSA.