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ReadySignOn is simply the most secure go-to app for managing your most sensitive data such as personal account information and login credentials. As a game-changing generic mobile authenticator the ReadySignOn enables password free login, strong privacy protection and the ultimate online security with one exhaustively thought-out solution.


- Data within the app is always holistically encrypted using AES256. This includes all metadata such as icons and images etc. so to ensure absolute zero leakage of sensitive information managed in this app.
- Compatible with the award winning OpenSource cross-platform KeePass desktop password manager.
- Explicit user consent is always required before any information can be extracted from this app. There is no automatic data sync to the cloud, nor is there any hidden "convenient" backup of the vault. The app encrypts all information in its local database with no network connectivity required.
- Takes full advantage of the hardware sensors of modern smart devices. It can leverage keychain, Touch ID or Face ID for device ownership verification and to guard against unauthorized access. It also supports time and location based auto-locks. For more demanding use cases it's possible to use direct brain passphrase based encryption instead of or in addition to the security measures offered by the platform.
- Offers different security modes, allowing users to set balance between productivity and security needs.
- The app comes with 70+ built-in templates for most popular websites and 1000 more through downloadable packages. It also allows users to create new templates without any limit.
- The app was built and tested with a robust data engine that is capable of processing thousands of records with top performance and data integrity.
- The app offers plausible deniability through the use of a powerful reserve vault.
- The UI of the app is tailored to take full advantage of the different screen sizes and orientations of the different iOS devices.
- Navigation of the app supports filters, indexers and deep search to allow quick lookup of information even in the most demanding enterprise use cases.
- Automatically generates passwords with user controlled length and complexity.
- Unambiguous password inspector can help prevent inadvertent account lockouts.
- The companion watchOS app makes website login as simple as a single tap on the wrist.
- After downloading you can start using this app right away. No registration is required. No email, phone number or device information is collected. You can use the app in offline mode if you’re absolutely paranoid (and you should be) about unauthorized collection of information. No ads in this app and it shall remain to be free.

More highlights:

- Stronger than your average MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solutions
- Simpler user experience than all existing MFA solutions
- Does not use SMS text messaging
- Strongest user privacy protection using dynamic site specific cryptographic pseudonymous user identifiers
- Support passwordless logins
- Support seamless mobile website login using credential autofill on the same device
- Support seamless mobile app login using ReadyOpen inter-app communication
- Holistic encryption of secure vault including all meta-data using AES256 (layer-1)
- Additional direct bitwise of all sensitive fields with high entropy keys for the true paranoids (layer-2)
- Verifiable encrypted exports with 1000, 000 PBKDF2 iteration count
- Transparent disk encryption for at rest data protection and instantaneous remote wipe (layer-3)
- Biometric device access control (layer-4)
- Customized mobile keyboard for secure entering of complex brain passphrases
- Static cryptographic user identifiers using RSA2048
- Dynamic RP specific cryptographic user identifiers using ECC384
- Compatible with the award winning KeePass desktop password manager (through free plug-in)

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