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RB Logbook for Pilots

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RB Logbook for Pilots

With RB Logbook from CAE you can keep track of your flights with ease. Unique features like the ACARS scan and RosterBuster integration, will make logging your flights more effective and fun.

Looking for a pilot logbook that is both secure and easy to use? Are you tired of the bloated, bulky and expensive logbook options available? Then RB Logbook is made for you.

RB Logbook is developed by RB Group, the industry leader in crew solutions known for the RosterBuster #1 crew app that is used and loved by over 400.000 crews worldwide.

With pilot's convenience always in mind, we have created an optimized workflow to log your flights faster than ever before. The app works offline, but all your data is also stored safely and securely in the Cloud, at no additional cost. At any time, you can make an export or create a report.

Don't take our word for it, RB Logbook is free to use in training and for the first 250 logged hours. Log unlimited flights with a Premium RB Logbook subscription.

Some of the awesome features RB Logbook provides:
- ACARS upload. Make a photo of your display, we take care of the rest!
- Unlimited devices are supported;
- Secure Cloud storage;
- Optimized workflow to log flights faster than ever before;
- Sync your roster of over 500 airlines with RosterBuster;
- Manage your certificates and qualifications;
- Keep track of duty limits and currencies;
- Jeppesen EASA, FAR, DGCA, TCCA compliant logbook;
- Customization: add your own custom fields. Log whatever you want;
- View your flights on a map;
- Export your data to CSV or JSON;
- Printed reports.

And that's not all. We continue to develop RB Logbook further with your feedback. We strongly believe in user driven innovation. It will keep getting better and better. Let use know your thoughts and suggestions through [email protected]

Please note that refunds will not be issued after a subscription renewal. Terms of Service:
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