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Ray Detect

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Ray Detect

Discover and surprise! “Ray Detect” is the fast and easy way to detect radiation. So, whether you fly and get your luggage X-rayed, own glazed pottery and other radioactive objects, or fear nuclear mishaps and terrorism, you can now test for unexpected radiation.

“Ray Detect” has been professionally tested under strict scientific laboratory conditions.  The app does not require any calibration and even works offline. There is no account setup and it does not require any external device.

• Reliable, accurate testing in a matter of seconds. Just cover the phone’s camera to reduce light interference and you are ready for testing!

• Easy-to-browse calendar and map views for all your measurement records, without limit.

• Outstanding representations of your current and past monitoring results for your friends and family to see and become aware without causing them to panic.

“Ray Detect” uses the camera sensor to measure the exposure to gamma radiation and X-rays in the context of its effects on human health. It is meant to provide preliminary data and an early warning when dedicated detection devices are out of reach, but it is no substitute for them. “Ray Detect” is designed for relatively low radiation levels, up to 20 µSv / hr or 2,500 CPM.
Oleksandr Izvekov