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rAVe [PUBS] is still the #1 AV (AudioVisual) news service in the world. And, with Version 7 of our rAVe NEWS App for iOS, you get two-apps-in-one! With rAVe NEWS, for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, you can read all rAVe’s tech articles, columns and blogs, watch all of our trade show videos and even listen to every single podcast we record and we’ve also integrated the AV industry’s only AV Stickers (for iOS Messages) inside one app!

rAVe is a digital media publisher of audiovisual (AV) news, trends and commentary about audio visual technology. We cover both the commercial (ProAV) and the residential (Home AV) markets as well as track trends and report news in the digital signage, networked-AV and Ed-tech (educational technology) markets. We cover news with videos, blogs, columns and podcasts.

AV Stickers are the exactly what you think they are - stickers of your favorite AV (audiovisual) products. Some people express themselves by writing, some with pictures, some with videos and then there are the Emoji-lovers. With AVstickers, you can express your love for AV - AV Geek-style. AV Stickers works with Apple Messages on both the iPhone and the iPad!

rAVe [Publications] ( has eight different publications that are all FREE and cover each segment of HomeAV and CommercialAV markets. But, our rAVe NEWS iOS App aggregates ALL our news for each publication and allows you to use one app on your iPhone and iPad to follow all our news feeds as well as our video feeds, our podcasts and even read every blog from the rAVe BlogSquad.
rAVe [Publications]