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Rate My Classes Pro

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Rate My Classes Pro

Ever got frustrated by how slow and how hard to use Albert is? Having a hard time keeping track of all the classes you are interested in? Can’t find reviews for the class you are considering or the professor teaching the class? Want to know how enjoyable, difficult, heavy, or valuable your peers think a class is? Try out Rate My Classes today!

* See which classes are offered each semester by department
* Search for classes by the class or section name across departments
* Read the class description and know the instructor, location, schedule, format, and so much more about each section

* Mark classes of interest with stars
* Automatically synced across all devices with your account

* Rate classes based on enjoyment, difficulty, workload, and value on a scale of 1 to 5 and optionally write a comment
* Easy to update or delete previous ratings
* Upvote or downvote reviews from other users
* Order reviews by review time, semester taken, or helpfulness
* Handoff reviews in progress to other nearby devices

* Generate links to share schools, departments, or classes with others
* System dark mode support
* Auto-reload when reconnects online
* Sign in with Apple
* Sign in with Google
* Universal link
* Deep linking with custom URL scheme
* Handoff
* Spotlight and Siri Shortcuts
* Alternate icon
* Track starred classes, schedules, and overall rating on Apple Watch
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