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Rangefinder for Watch

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Rangefinder for Watch

Are you sometimes curious how far it is from the place where you stand to the place you see? 
You do not have to count the steps any more. Save the current position in the app then go to the destination point and read the distance from your Watch, this application implements Complications so you can read live the distance straight from the watch face.

Navigation apps show distance by the road, fitness apps show traveled distance but this app show distance in straight line.

App supports imperial and metric system.
You can save inside app the GPS coordinates of your favourite places/home/car etc.

The distance is calculated by tracing a line between the the current location and the location of saved place that follows the curvature of the Earth, and measuring the length of the resulting arc. The arc is a smooth curve that does not take into account altitude changes between the two locations. Measurement accuracy is such as the accuracy of a civil GPS system (+- 10m)
Orion Lukasz Gonerski