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¡New! ¡Apple Watch compatible app!

iRandom is an application to do all kind of random choices. Is has a lot of randomize mechanisms:

- Get an element
- Get N different elements
- Get groups of N elements
- Get N groups
- Get N elements with possible repetition
- Get one to one without reposition

Random choices can be done between maximum and minimum numerical values or in a set of names / options. You can even make randoms elections between pictures from your camera roll!!! You can use emoji too.

You can also launch your random choice with a shake.

The application comes with a lot of presets, but you can define new presets as you like. The presets are:

- Heads or tails
- Graphic Dice
- Dreidel
- Perinola
- Dice
- Graphic dice
- Two graphic dices
- Rock, paper, scissors
- Yes or not
- Soccer match result
- 6-from-49 lotto
- Bingo lotto
- Magic mirror
- Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock
- Crazy navigator

To add new pictures, you can copy them using Documents in iTunes or you can add them in the + into 'add image' view.

iRandom is also compatible with Apple Watch. You can make random choices in your wrist. There are 5 presets in Apple Watch:

- Head or Tails
- Dice
- Aleatory number
- Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock
- Bridge to iPhone app, running the selected choice in iPhone

Some other ideas: who do the shopping? Who do the laundry? Make two bands to play a game. Select the film to see this night. Select a question to ask to an student... All kind of choices are possible.

The more powerful application to do random choices in the iPhone.