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Random Generator

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Random Generator

Random Generator can generate unlimited random numbers, flip coins, roll dice, decide direction and pick colors.

Main features:
1. Generate integers by digits or interval.
2. Generate decimals with custom decimal places.
3. Flip a coin.
4. Roll 2 or 4 dice.
5. Decide which direction to go.
6. Pick a random color, view hex and RGB value.

With Random Generator, you can
1. Generate random passwords for documents, password locks, etc.
2. Help you make decisions.
3. Use the app instead of real coins or dice.
4. Help with trips, make a random route.
5. Help with designing.
6. Anything that needs random things.

View all history in history tab. History contains results from all pages.

Random Generator works with Apple Watch too. Watch App supports generating integers by digits or by minimum and maximum values. To switch mode, press firmly on your screen.

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James Zhan