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The Raise Watch App not only sends you a friendly reminder when it’s time to drink the water but also detects your drinking gesture automatically & magically (left wrist detection only at the moment); what is more, it tells you an estimation of how much water you just had too.

Every hour between 8 am to 8 pm, there will be a notification on your Apple Watch to remind you to drink the water, so no more “I forgot to drink the water” excuses.

Simply raise your left arm and drink the water, and that’s it! The Raise Watch App automatically detects that motion and updates the numbers for you, there is nothing else you need to do.

Dehydration Risk Factor (DRF) is an indicator to help you identify your risk of dehydration. Raise app tells you the risk level not only through its hourly notification but also by changing the colour of the UI - Red = high risk, Yellow = medium risk, Green = low risk.

Want to check your water consumption history? No problem! The Raise Watch App stores and displays all the history data for you which makes it easy to track your goal.

Other features:
- Integration with Apple’s Health app
- Customizable water drinking speed

NOTE: The Raise iPhone app is an extension of the awesome Raise Watch app. Make sure you launch the Raise Watch app as soon as you have installed the iPhone app. Raise Watch app works the best with standard drinking bottles.
Nipun Sharma