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RainMan Pro

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RainMan Pro

RainMan Pro is a Powerful Tool for Serious Mentalists & Magicians

"I have been fascinated by lighting calculators, those people who have the ability to perform amazing feats of arithmetic and memory stunts. Hence, the name of the app “RainMan Pro”, was inspired by the movie RainMan. This app will help you appear to be a mathematical wizard and have super memory in front of your audience, in addition to that you'll also be able to predict impossible predictions and much more." - Moustapha Berjaoui

Book Tests
Knight's Tour
Memory Stunts
Fast Calculations
Impossible Predictions
Instant Real Time Peeks
& Much More

- So what can you do with RainMan?

You can load books & custom lists easily to your phone. Perform the best book tests, calculate huge list of numbers with a blink of an eye, peek information in full view right in front of your spectators instantly from your phone or using Apple watch, PeekSmith Device. Demonstrate impossible memory feats, imagine memorizing huge list of numbers like the 1000 Decimal of Pi or a list of celebrities, cities, or anything. You can Predict impossible predictions with rainman You can easily Perform solo or using an assistant.

Included interfaces:

- Inject
- Prevision
- PeekSmith
- Apple watch app
- Bluetooth earpieces

The App Menu is in English only, but you can customize the output easily to your own language.

***Please Note***

Video and audio broadcasting (including TV, Film, Radio and Internet) Performance rights are NOT included with purchase. You can only present this app in any live performance setting. All rights are reserved and available for purchase from Moustapha Berjaoui. Charges do apply, contact [email protected] for details

- This application is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not give you any real psychic abilities nor make you a real Math or memory wizard.

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