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Raindrops for relaxation

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Raindrops for relaxation

Raindrops is a simple player that keeps playing rain sound, with visual effects of raindrop.
Enjoy feelings of "controlling rain". The rain falls or stops when you play or pause the player.
Please use the app when you want to be relaxed, or focus on work. Sleep timer function can be used for your sleep.

--- This app is used when ---
- Concentrating on study for examinations
- Being relaxed to sleep
- Calming down and changing the mood to create something

----- Features -----
- Sound Control
Press play-pause button on the screen.

- Visual Effects
The rain visual effects vary depends on play-pause status.
In addition, the lightness of the sky gradually changes by the time this app is used.

- Rain Type
Press drop button on the screen.
Rain type can be chosen from "Heavy", "Light", "Hood".

- Sleep Timer
Press timer button and control the dial and press "SET".
After the time passes, rain sound stops.
To cancel the timer, control the dial to 0 value, and press "CANCEL".
When sleep timer is set, the app plays sound automatically.

- Screen Display
To enjoy rain view without buttons, tap anywhere except for buttons on the screen.

- Background Play
After the app goes into background, it continues to play rain sound automatically.
While listening to the sound, you can use some other app (if sound is not used in the app).

--- Paid version ---
We sell a paid version in the app.

- $7.99 (the payment amount may vary depending on the region)
- Remove ads in the app.
- Allows you to set a timer for up to 12 hours. * Pausing may not work properly when the device is locked.

--- Notes on paid version---
- You will be charged via your iTunes account.
- Cancellations and refunds are not accepted.
Yusuke Ariyoshi