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Radio Stations (FM, AM, Internet) and Podcasts from all around the world

Listen to your favorite radio stations (FM, AM, Internet) and podcasts with our local, national and international catalogues in a totally free app: more than 110 000 radio stations and 10 Millions podcasts episodes available for free. You can also discover new radios by country or genre. If you’re searching for radio news, music, sports or podcasts, we have them all together in our free app.

Try our export to playlist feature

You’re listening to the radio and you love the music on-air? You can add it to your Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music playlist easily and without interrupting the radio.

All the features you need!

- Download Podcasts and listen to them offline.
- Export music to your Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music playlist.
- Alarm: set the alarm and wake up with any radio station you want
- Timer: set the timer while going to bed and fall asleep listening to radio
- Cast: from your mobile, cast our radio app on your other devices (TV, Chromecast, CarPlay…)
- Pause the radio and play it again from where you stopped

All the radio stations (FM, AM, Internet) you love in one free app

Access easily and add to your favorites your desired radio stations with a local, national and worldwide coverage. Follow every news and every sport event around the world. Discover your new favorite song, we cover every genre: Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, K-Pop, J-Pop, Electro, House, Jazz, Classic …

Listen to the top radios from your country:

Discover worldwide top radio stations: UK (BBC Radio, Radio X London, Absolute Radio, KISS…), Korea (CBS FM, Gugak FM, Aewen Radio …), Spain (RNE, Onda Cero, Cadena SER, Catalunya Radio…), Japan (NHK Radio, J-Wave, Tokyo FM, Big B…). We cover every country, let’s explore!

Listen to podcasts for free

Stay tuned with your favorite podcasts by listening to them directly or downloading them with offline mode. Follow the most popular podcasts and the discover what the rest of the world has to offer (The Daily, The Joe Rogan Experience, CounterClock…).

Subscribe for a complete radio experience with Premium:

- No ads
- A selection of HQ Radios, broadcasting with high quality sound for the best audio experience
- Listen to your podcasts offline

You have any question, comment, radio station or podcast suggestion?
We always aim to offer a better experience to our users. We update our radio app regularly and all your questions and comments are welcomed. You want a radio or podcast to be add?
Contact us at: [email protected]

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