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Receiver is an Internet radio with over 40,000 radio stations, more than 25,000 podcasts, and a radio alarm clock.

Features include:

+ More than 40,000 radio stations
+ More than 25,000 podcasts
+ Add your own streams
+ Search by genre, region, language, sound quality, popularity, etc.
+ List of channels with high audio quality
+ Sync favorites with your other devices

+ Siri shortcuts
+ HomePod support
+ CarPlay support
+ Apple Watch app
+ Airplay and Chromecast support
+ Dark Mode

+ iMessage app to recommend a station
+ Widget with your favourite stations

+ Alarm clock (radio, music, sound) with any number of alarms
+ Sleep Timer
+ Snooze function

+ Beautiful analog clock in landscape format
+ Choose your individual look from 5 different colors
+ Show song cover art (if available)

+ Focused on supporting accessibility features such as "Voice Over" for the visually impaired

With Receiver you are always informed about the latest news from a wide variety of sources: sports, Bundesliga live, reports, radio plays, news, music, podcasts, reports, travel, weather and much more. Listen to stations like BBC, NPR, ESPN, Bestnetradio, KCRW, Radio Paradise and many more.
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