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RacerOne, a social, GPS, MX fitness app & website -

Record your track position, lap times, lines, angle of the bike, speed, g-forces, and all kinds of cool stuff. Both iOS, and watchOS are supported.

After session dashboard: (for those detailed analytics).

App features:
* Personalised feed of your past sessions at various tracks
* Highlights your personal bests at each track, and your top 3 laps in each session
* Provides you with your own ranking against everyone else who rides that track, for the day, and overall
* Each track has its own leaderboard. Compare yourself against everyone else on the day, and overall
* Personalised friend feed. Follow your friends, and see their laps times and ranks.
* Record your sessions at any track
* Use the RacerOne watch app, so you don't need to take your iPhone with you when riding!
* Record your motocross workouts using RacerOne.
* View your heart rate throughout your session.
* Health App integration.

After your ride you can review your session in detail at:

At you'll find a detailed track map, showing your entire session. Learn more at

RacerOne is supported by DC Health Performance, TeenCee Graphics.

Prior to the AppStore release, RacerOne went through Alpha, and Beta rounds of testing, which ironed out many bugs. However, we are constantly improving the product, and adding new features. If you encounter any bugs, or you experience any problems, please drop us an email at [email protected]

A quick note about the watch app, the GPS radio in the Watch Series 2 is not as accurate as we'd like (compared to the iPhone), this means you may not be able to use your watch only at some tracks, depending on conditions, and position. Hopefully series 3 solves this!

IMPORTANT: When mounting your iPhone, mount it on the handle bars, or in a fitness armband. Do not place the phone in your boot, as you'll end up with poor GPS accuracy, resulting in skewed track maps, and potentially missed lap times.

If you are experiencing GPS accuracy problems, please ensure you mount the device on your handlebars, with a clear view of the sky, in good weather. For more information see the FAQ at

About RacerOne:
Brett Gervasoni