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Race Lap

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Race Lap

Augmented reality racing companion: you can record video with overlay meters.
- Aircraft
- Sport Cars

Supported indicators:
- Drifting pitch with real time angular: how much can you drift?
- G-Force meter: how much your car can accelerate 0-100Km/h
- Track recorder: draw the track map with acceleration and brake
- Auto LAP: each lap is automatically countered using the same starting position
- Audio recording
- Multiple screen available: scroll down
- Sensor Picker: more than 20 sensors
- ODB2 Bluetooth and Wifi connector
- Many different themes
- Support for 3 main automotive: Motorbike, Sport Car, Offroad SUV 4WD
- CSV Export: anything is recorded into common comma separated values file format
- Bluetooth BLE Heart Rate
- Aircraft EFIS
- GoPro WiFi
- FILE Export feature from iPhone
- Video and Audio Recording
- Airacraft VRO position for EFIS
- Pilot name configurable
- Apple Watch

You can export any data using iTunes Document sharing and CSV import tool

You can enable or disable the augmented reality overlay
You can customize the wallpaper displayed