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R4 Football Progression Timer

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R4 Football Progression Timer

This app features a sub-second progression timer to be used as a football training tool for quarterbacks and receivers.

The R4 timer assists athletes in building game speed rhythm and synchronization required to execute passing plays under pressure, and also aids coaches as a tool for realizing real-time game speed.

While the application is tailored for quarterbacks and receivers, it can be used for all positions and phases of the game.

The Pro version comes pre-programmed with set times that are fully customizable, with the ability to add, name, and save custom progressions, along with access to the delay feature. (The delay option gives players a chance to start the timer and then have 3 seconds to get in position before the progression begins.)
The free version allows access to the pre-programmed 5-step pass progression.

For more information on the R4 Football System, visit.
Tanya Maddox