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QZest Lite

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QZest Lite

QZest is a creative quiz and unscramble board game. A large number of scrambles are carefully prepared from across a wide variety of categories. Each scramble comes with just enough of a hint to tease you and entertain you.

APPLE WATCH ... Play the game on Apple Watch. Play normally by touching or play by speaking the word/phrase into the Watch. While playing, Force Touch the Watch screen to show the app menu. Touch “Solve By Speaking” menu item. Speak the word/phrase and the solution will be automatically recognized by the game.

This is a feature-rich game that lets you use your intelligence.


**CATEGORIES**: Scrambles come from all kinds of categories, including: Business, English, Entertainment, History, Life, Places, Science, Politics, Sports, and Technology.

**SETS**: Each Category includes several sets. Some examples of sets in the Lite version include: Explorers, Holidays, Western Philosophers, Synonyms, Medical Specialties, Atom, Dow 30, US State Nicknames, Gemstones, etc.

This Lite version comes with a sample set of scrambles. You can download more sets.

** RESEARCH SCRAMBLES **: Once you are done unscrambling, find out more information about the scramble easily with the touch of a button. It's fun to read more about what you have just unscrambled.

**LEVELS**: Sets are associated with a level: General, Kids, and Specialized. General sets are for everybody. Kids will enjoy playing the Kids sets. And Specialized sets require some knowledge in that specific area (e.g. Wall Street, Jane Austen, Western Philosophers, etc.). You can mix and match these sets/scrambles.

**DIFFICULTY**: If you are in the mood for some easy scrambles, play Easy scrambles. If you want to challenge yourselves, play Hard scrambles. While sets are divided according to Levels, individual scrambles are arranged into Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels.

**ANIMATED UI**: You will do the unscrambling in a very nice animated way. Letter holders move on a touch. You can drag/rearrange the letters in an intuitive way. Once you unscramble the last letter, all letters move up from slots in an animated way showing you the correct word/phrase.

**PLAY MANY DIFFERENT WAYS**: You can play scrambles from sets sequentially or play individual/random scrambles from different sets. Or, play just the Easy or Medium or Hard ones. Or, play just the Kids sets or Specialized sets. Or, mix everything up.

**TIPS AND HELP**: QZest comes with help and a ton of tips. Tips are shown as you play or you can go through them all at once.