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by Quokky
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by Quokky
Search and share your documents all in one place. A seamless sharing experience for an hassle-free life.

Sync email and cloud services that you already use and avoid all that constant switching between Apps. Quokky adopts your method and allows you to find all your documents in one place.
Your files are automatically organized and searchable by typology without digging through folders. No tag is required because Quokky thinks exactly like you!
Sharing with Quokky is faster and more convenient than with email or text, expecially since you can send large files that are too big for many email servers – over chat.

Quokky is available for mobile devices and web so you can have access to your files wherever you are, without worrying about privacy as Quokky is certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, the highest standards in personal information management. All communications between your Quokky app and our servers follow high security protocols, certificated and reliable.

We take your privacy very seriously. Quokky is required to ask for full access to connect to all of our services. However, we do NOT record anything you type. We do NOT transmit any sensitive information over a network. We do NOT sell your data or profile you in any way.
Privacy policy and terms of use:
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