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Quiz Countries PvsP

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Quiz Countries PvsP

It is the "iPhone" vs "Apple Watch" 2 player versus possible early push countries quiz game.
(Even if there is no "Apple Watch" I enjoy the single player as "iPhone" app.)

As long as you are your existing synchronization "iPhone" and "Apple Watch", you can immediately match. Of course, "iPhone" only, "Apple Watch" only 1 because play is also possible in, there is also a play called from practicing before the match.
In a two-play, in order to reduce the handicap in the "Apple Watch" and operability, it also includes virtual mode to play by displaying the "Apple Watch" in the screen of the "iPhone”.

One country of the name chosen by random from about 200 countries will continue to rely on three tips("Flag", "Map" and "capital name”), let's update the highest score!
In addition it is also possible to play and squeeze the area("Asia", "Africa", "Europe", "NIS countries", "America" and “Oceania"). Without being bound by a game of the quiz, and I can be used as a learning app.

In "Apple Watch", if you want to return to the initial screen in the middle of a game, you can reset it by the ForceTouch (that is slamming the screen).

Even when you have free time, why not feel free to play with your "iPhone" and "Apple Watch” !?

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Ei Terajima