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Quit smoking

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Quit smoking

Welcome to the application to quit smoking and say stop smoking!

Do you want to quit smoking? Quit smoking and need support? Cig'Arrête is here to help you quit smoking and say stop smoking !

Because quitting together is the only way to break the loneliness, exchanging daily with members, smokers or former smokers who are in the same situation as you, remains the best chance of success in quitting smoking and to quit smoking permanently.

The Quit Smoking Benefits Tracker allows you to track over 200 stop-smoking benefits, motivating you to quit smoking with benefits lasting between 20 minutes and 10 years.

Your application to stop smoking and say stop to tobacco will give you access to more than a hundred pieces of advice developed in association with the medical profession to provide you with all the help and tips you need to quit smoking, as well as many quotes to boost your motivation and help you not to throw in the towel.

Your application to stop smoking and say stop to tobacco will allow you to set up lots of features while having access to an ergonomic, practical and encouraging home page.
The “emergency” mode will allow you to talk to all the people in the world who, at the same time as you, are bursting to smoke a cigarette.
It will provide you with lots of specific advice during this critical time, so that everyone can successfully pass the 3-minute mark together.

You will be able to set up challenges that you can share with the community (a little treat to be funded from savings from quitting smoking or setting up a daily, weekly or monthly routine to help you quit smoking).

The home page will allow you to find all in one place your health and well-being progress indicators, how long you have stopped smoking, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, how much you’ve saved since you stopped smoking, encouragement for future benefits to your health and well-being, victories on benefits already acquired since you stopped smoking, access to the national and international community of (future) former smokers, highlights from the various discussion groups’ latest posts, and advice related to:

- Your stop-smoking phase,
- Nicotine reduction,
- Nicotine replacement products,
- Electronic cigarettes,
- Taking up sport again,
- etc.

An application with a design that can be customised according to your moods and desires at the time, allowing you to give your application your own personal touch with a simple click, giving you a maximum of ease at this difficult time of quitting smoking.

You will benefit from the simplest and most comprehensive registration process, allowing you to access powerful functions with or without creating your profile, anonymously or with a personalised profile (avatars, photo, pseudo or real name).

Your application to stop smoking and say stop to tobacco will allow you to take part in the Gamification through a community motivation space (ranking of those most recently resisting the urge to smoke, of the longest-standing former smokers etc).

Thanks to Cig'Arrête, you will be able to counteract loneliness through a positive community effect and make it one of your strengths!
Maureen SURCIN