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Your Quick Wallet is here! Welcome to Quilet, a brand new way of inserting expenses, tracking budget, visualizing trends of your money and being in control of it.

Quilet allows you to:

** Simplicity **
Quilet is quick and simple. Always ready for you to insert expenses, check out your trends and to help you be in control of your own wallet.

** Keep track of everything budget related. You are in control of your expenses. **
You can detail your budget by inserting Recurring Expenses, Savings, Spending Money and even Installments. Have it all in one place with detailed and precise Trends. With Quilet, you are able to be in charge of your wallet, simplifying your finances.

** Use cards to insert expenses. **
You can insert new expenses quickly and even based on categories to keep track of what you are spending. Also, with Quilet, you can mark an expense as a Quick Card to be able to insert the expense multiple times, at any time and have it as a card in your quick wallet.

** Visualize your wallet using Trends **
Trends are a big part of Quilet. Check out how much you've spent in a time period, how much you can still spend based on your budget, the most spent category and have charts to guide you in your spending journey.

** Have amazing widgets at a glance in your device **
Have useful information at any time on your home screen. You can always check it to see if you can spend a little more on something.

** Every Currency is here! **
Quilet is made to be useful for you, wherever you are, at any time. Change your currency at any time and have it reflected on your app.

** Export to CSV **
Want to be able to view everything using a spreadsheet? Or to send it to someone? Quilet is always ready to be exported.

** Apple Watch app **
Be able to see your daily expenses, budget and how much you've spent. Also, you can use Quick Cards created on the iOS app to insert new expenses using only your Apple Watch, and have it reflected everywhere.

** Secure **
Quilet is only yours. Your wallet, your data. We do not collect any sensitive data and would never share anything with anyone. It's only yours to keep. Always.

** Installments **
Want to enter an expense made using Installments? You got it! Have control of how much you can spend monthly, check out when are you going to be finishing that period of the expense and be in control of your wallet.

** Notifications **
Want to be reminded to insert your daily expenses? Quilet will send you a notification reminding you every day, at the time you choose.

** History **
Be able to visualize all your expenses on a timeline way or month-to-month. This way, you can always check every expense and even edit or delete them.

** Customize your experience with App Icons **
Quilet should feel like your own wallet. So, we've prepared a series of gorgeous app icons that you can choose at any time on the Settings screen.

** Focus on Expenses **
Quilet is 100% focused on your expenses, so that you can have a real look at how you are managing your money.

Be part of something new, something simple, something Quick. Quilet is here to help and unify your expenses.
Marcos Morais