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Quicky Tip Calculator

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Quicky Tip Calculator

Quicky Tip Calculator is a useful tool which will calculate your desired tip amount at a restaurant. Your small contribution for this app will be used for my anti-bully campaign.

The main focus of this app is to calculate the desired tip so I didn't include any taxation in the calculations.

This app is set up for both the iPhone and the new apple watch.

To use the app on your iPhone:

1. Slide the Meal Total slider bar to the dollar amount of your meal.

2. A 10% tip is automatically calculated when sliding the meal slider.

3. To increase the tip percentage, slide the tip slider bar to the desired percent, then press the "Tip - %" button above the tip slider. The new tip is then calculated with the revised total.

To use the app on your Apple Watch:

1. Slide the Meal Total Slider to the closest dollar amount of the meal.

2. Slide the Tip Slider to the desired Tip percentage.

3. Press the "Tip - %" button. A new screen appears with the total amounts of your meal.
Robert Richardson