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by Hao Li
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by Hao Li
Project Management with natural gestures on the Gantt chart designed for the small touch screens. Synchronize projects across multiple devices, and share projects in teams AND supports Microsoft Project Plan integration.

## For iPhone ONLY
This version is for iPhone only, for the users to get the app at a lower price if they only want to use the app on iPhone.

User-created projects are stored on the user's device or in iCloud Drive, at the user's choice.

* Feature video
* No In-App Purchases.
* QuickPlan is now available for macOS (download 15-day free trial at

QuickPlan makes project planning more convenient than ever. NATURAL GESTUREs and keyboard shortcuts are used in a clean and slick interface, making project maintenance more accessible, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects in Gantt charts, structure tasks in a tree, organize your project calendar and resources, track task status. It's easier than you think, all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.

QuickPlan supports exporting projects to image, Excel, PDF, Microsoft Project, and WBS files and importing projects from Microsoft Project (in XML format), WBS, Mindmap, and Excel files. Plans can be synced to multiple devices via iCloud Drive. They can be shared across teams and devices via AirDrop, email, and the iOS Files app.

QuickPlan optimizes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan and makes them work for iPhone - without the complexity. We bring INTUITIVE and discoverable project management to users of all experience levels.

- Natural gestures to create tasks, change outline level, order, zoom, collapse, expand.
- Dynamic context menu system makes planning a reality on a small touchscreen
- Batch input
- The smoothest Gantt chart app on a clean user interface
- Context-based editing on the outline, Gantt chart, and inspectors.

- Multiple projects in groups, with duplication support.
- Organize tasks into REAL task groups and sub-projects.
- Task color, icon, contact, URLs, and other necessary task fields.
- Four outline levels (plus sub-project, for a total of eight outline levels).
. Gesture-based task link maintenance
. Project currency, billing record, project resource, calendar.

## TREE and LIST
- Tree style display
- List style display with support for sorting and filtering

- Customization of the title and visibility of the task column
- Taskbar style

- Export to image, PDF, and Microsoft Excel(3 sheets) files
- Options to customize the export

- Synchronization of projects between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive

- Export and import of Microsoft Project files (in XML format)
- Import and export of Mobiliked WBS files
- Import from Microsoft Excel, Mind-map OPML files

- Export and import projects across multiple devices and teams.
- From iOS Files app (so to support Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive.)

- Supports creating a sub-plan for specific project members.
- The sub-plan contains only the tasks for the specific members.

- Widget to track ongoing tasks (iOS 14 and later).
- Today widget and Local Notification (Pre iOS 14).

QuickPlan simplifies the complexity of project planning that sets ease as the ultimate goal in organizing your professional projects, plans, efforts, goals, and life. The best project planning app for iPhone
- Initialize, discuss, present, and share your plan, export it to Microsoft Project Plan for future work.
- Strategic Planning
- Import MS Project file (in XML format) and reports, tracking
- Plan new ideas
- Agree and confirm actions in meetings
- Discuss, plan and assign tasks
- Track project progress

QuickPlan for iPadOS is available separately at
Hao Li