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Monitor your Quicklink video encoders wherever you are in an instant and in real time. Synchronise the app with your encoders and continuously track their statuses and performance. iStats stays on alert and guarantees you peace of mind!

What does it do?

With the Quicklink iStats you receive continuous real-time information on your apple devices from any Quicklink encoders such as:

* Connection speed and signal strength monitoring

* On and Off air transmission updates. Your apple device will vibrate if the video streaming is interrupted

* Talkback status

* Source information

How does it work?

Connect your Apple device to your Quicklink Encoder’s Wi-Fi. Once the connection is set-up, you are ready to go. Your Mobile Data can be disabled if required. You will instantaneously and automatically receive the encoder’s status data on your Apple device screen.

If you wish to monitor another Quicklink Encoder, select the new encoder’s Wi-Fi connection.
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